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Organisational Design Online Masterclass

The online masterclass is aimed at those in positions that can strategise and implement change, so you may be at C-Suite, HR or project management level. Learn how you can use tools to be more strategic in your work, so that you can play an effective part of creating company culture, implementing interventions, and managing change.

The online masterclass:

  • guides you through the full consulting cycle (for in-house and external consultants),
  • case studies to develop practical knowledge, and
  • 1:1 support for 12 months.

What's in the masterclass?

Our online masterclass takes place online through several in-depth modules.

It delivers insight into how diagnostic tools and business frameworks can help to map out and resolve issues within a business that may be affecting profit, performance, and productivity – and ultimately, the bottom line of a business.

What you’ll get:

  • Contracting with client and stakeholders,
  • How to use diagnostic tools,
  • Developing a method for data gathering and analysis,
  • Making design recommendations,
  • How to work with organisations internationally or with diverse workforce,
  • Developing interventions,
  • How to create and measure change.

Consulting Skills

  • Explore ways of working with your clients.
  • Use information to help understand what the problem is.

Framework and Tools Breakdown

  • Learn about the full consulting cycle,
  • Develop your own approach towards change in companies,
  • Practice with real-life case studies.

Learn How Data Can Be Used to Drive Change

  • Explore how to work with qualitative and quantitative data,
  • Create and evaluate interventions, and
  • Allow active team development and employee engagement.

Online masterclass

See a preview of our online masterclass by following the link.

You might wonder why we choose to deliver an online OD masterclass and the reasons are clear – we believe the world of work can be better. This takes organisations to update their ways of working, and for individuals to be more aware of their needs.

Nims and Patricia have been working in corporates for a combined 40+ years in HR, L&D, change, safety and OD. This mix across functions has broadened our knowledge of how to apply organisational change and create culture.

Nims is a Transactional Analysis practitioner, and Patricia a Doctorate in Organisational Psychology; so we carry a deep understanding of what individuals go through at work, their career identity, purpose and how this is constrained or improved by an organisations systems, culture and style. Having this understanding of psychology that translates into organisational behaviour provides a very interesting space to teach you about teams, and about how to make organisations better.

PLUS, we give you content that talks about the practicalities of talking to leaders, consulting, using data, designing interventions, and so on… Book a call now to see if its right for you, or head to the course now. We are excited to get to know you.

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