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Leadership & Alignment Online Course

A personal development journey into your leadership ability. This course builds awareness of your strengths, allows you to expand your comfort zones, develops emotional intelligence, and builds high integrity and confidence.

This is a deep leadership journey using psychology and coaching techniques to develop the personal skills you need to be more successful at work, manage through change, help develop your team and circle of influence, and take action that builds impact and effectiveness.

Are you ready for a big growth opportunity?

Get in touch if you have any questions, or head to the course to book now.

What's in the course?

The course topics include:

  • Building Awareness
  • The Body and The Brain
  • Emotions
  • Purpose and Values
  • Action and Resistance
  • Giving Back and Integration

The course will support you to:

  • Manage organisational change,
  • Develop personal leadership strengths,
  • Make more effective decisions.
  • Establish awareness of your values and how these align to the business.
  • Create strong relationships,
  • Be strategic in your role, and
  • Live authentically and with a deeper sense of satisfaction.

Who should attend?

Leadership is about developing the internal foundation to help you gain credibility and make more of an impact.

We know that everyone has the best knowledge for their best life within themselves.

It’s our job to help you uncover what that is, and give you the tools to do that on a consistent basis.

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