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You may be wanting:

  • methods to deal with overwhelm, anxiety or big emotions,
  • deciding on next steeps in your career growth,
  • creating awareness about your patterns, your energy, your emotions, boundaries,
  • meeting and dealing with a traumatic event, numbness, dissociation or workplace frustration,
  • overcoming obstacles or negative thoughts that continually feel like they’re keeping you stuck from living your best life.

Although many different forms of therapy can be useful I have found coaching and somatic were the 2 forms of practice that really gets you centred and aligned with what you truly want. If you’re in a place where you’re frustrated… by thinking the same issues through in the same way… fixating on a problem… feeling immovable, frustrated or confused… feeling disconnected… or living in a life of doubt and lifelessness… coaching can help.

I get it! It can be a frustrating position to be in!

Coaching offers a place for safe discussion around decisions. It offers big growth and expansion in different area’s of your life. Coaching supports you to connect with your emotions and the body to reveal more clues about what you want. It is also very powerful in determining your own unique and exquisite life.

Our coaching draws on various psychology techniques to help develop a sense of whole-self integration (mind, body and soul).

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Fancy a chat?

    If you've got any questions, queries or just have a general topic of interest you'd like to discuss with us, please get in touch below using our form and have a chat with us:

    Why choose me for your coaching needs?

    I’ve journeyed through several psychological courses, counselling, trauma debriefing, and also have practiced energy healing, somatic, and that healing.

    My personal journey has been through mood changes, existential and spiritual questions, family dynamics, boundaries and communication with people, and building awareness through the body rather than leading with the mind.

    I am very curious about healing. I believe every person holds the specific medicine they need – its a matter of enabling that through insightful questions and deep listening to help people uncover their own magic.

    What you'll get

    • Dedicated one on one time in a safe and confidential space.
    • An understanding of what it is you’d like to change, and some actionable steps or awareness towards those goals.
    • Realigning with your values and purpose to enable decision making.
    • Overcoming big hurdles that seem immovable.
    • And living a more fulfilling and whole life – spiritual, emotional and physical needs.

    What others thought about our coaching programme

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