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Healing Corporate Trauma: Organisational Wellbeing Workshop

Corporate Trauma is emotional, psychological, or physiological distress, damage, or disruption that results from interactions and experiences associated with the corporate world (inclusive of all workplaces small and large). The serious mental, physical, and emotional consequences of the workplace on people is on the rise.

Companies who are beating stress, burnout, and corporate trauma have an active commitment to organisational wellbeing.

This workshop for business leaders and HR professionals is focused on:

  • Identifying stress and corporate trauma
  • Strategies to build resilience and organisational wellbeing
  • A deep dive into personal and organisational values
  • Training against competencies and framework development
  • Developing team ways of working
  • Unconscious bias and cultural awareness, and
  • Managing change.

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Our off-the-shelf 3 hour workshop is available for £649, or get in touch to discuss your customised offering.

Healing Corporate Trauma: Group or 1:1 Coaching

We offer 1:1 or group coaching with experts in organisational change and resilience that is tailored to your needs. Get in touch to book a consultation.

The serious mental, physical, and emotional consequences of the workplace on people is on the rise – we’ve been there, and we’re on a mission to help all professionals thrive – body, mind and soul.

Our coaching toolkit is informed by psychological research on wellbeing, mental health, and resilience, as well as leading holistic practices like breath work and somatics; all custom designed to help professionals heal from and protect themselves against stress, burnout and corporate trauma.

In partnership with Laura Claire Aiken - Thrive Leadership Ltd.

Laura is a Consultant and Inclusion specialist who partners with STEM businesses on strategy and programming to build cultures of resilience and inclusion. She founded Thrive Leadership in 2020 after a ten year career in engineering and construction to help companies help their people thrive.

Laura has worked and led teams on several multibillion-dollar engineering and construction projects in the Oil & Gas industry, has led DEI programming including strategic planning, inclusive leadership, ally engagement, and business resource groups for over 50,000 employees, and facilitated resiliency training for a construction workforce of over 6,000 people.

Laura has a Master of Engineering in Chemical Engineering, a Chartered member of the Institute of Chemical Engineers and a registered Professional Engineer (Texas).

Laura is a registered yoga teacher and leads transformational retreats around the world, where she brings her knowledge and experience in mindfulness practices to develop holistic and integrative solutions that help leaders build self-awareness, empathy, and resilience.

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