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Organisational Design Consultancy

I provide advice to business on strategic people-centred design and development. My approach is assessing an individual and organisation holistically to ensure that the vision you have is embedded in structure and behaviours in the business.

My specialism centres on:

  • Research methods and design for assessments,
  • What design and structure is necessary for your organisation to become inclusive and collaborative,
  • What development or training is useful for building capability.

How I work with you

My consultancy service works to ensure you have all the necessary knowledge and a strategic roadmap to apply to your business.

Understanding the Business

I work with you to understand your business, and how to strategically apply the methods and frameworks to your business.

Training & Mentoring

I work with you and your team to consistently embed the results that you’d like. This evolves culture naturally.

Evaluating Solutions

I work with you to understand how you can evaluate the solutions created, and how to measure culture and behavioural development.

What we deliver

Coaching & Mentoring

Dedicated one-to-one mentoring and coaching in the products and practices. This can be individually or in small groups if you have a team who you want to educate.

Full Product Toolkit

Get access to my framework, a user guide, and training for practitioners on organisational development.

Ongoing Support and Advice

Access to me on a regular basis to ensure your solution is moving forward successfully.

A selection of companies we have worked with

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