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The Organisational Design Checklist

Another asset of our diagnostic toolkit is the organisational development checklist. Working through this checklist with business stakeholders, employees and organisational psychology practitioners, we are able to identify pain and gain points in a business or project.

Once identified, these can be drawn up into clear actions and mapped out alongside the visual framework to provide a clear path for the business or project – overcoming challenges and moving towards better overall results.

The organisational development checklist can be tailored to help identify specific issues that you feel may be present within your business, or identified by one of our organisational psychology practitioners. It’s an excellent way of providing quick, concise insight into key issues and helps us build a plan of action.

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Who is this for?

We work with:

  • Directors or business leaders, HR managers or those involved with organisational development who are looking to get top line results quickly.
  • Business psychology practitioners looking for an additional asset to add to their business diagnostics toolkit.
  • Businesses or individuals using the organisational development framework and looking for extra insight and initial learnings.

How does it work?

We recommend that you use the organisational development checklist in conjunction with our OD framework to get the best results and detailed insight, but it is still useful as a standalone tool.

The checklist is aimed at delivering results much faster for a top-line overview of what’s going on in an organisation. Examining only a few key points means feedback is received faster, but with less time to explore any core issues that may be at hand, the results are not as comprehensive.

Organisational Development Research and Insight

  • Using insightful, targeted questions, the checklist tackles key areas that need addressing quickly.
  • Developed to provide quicker feedback without compromising on data gathered, the organisational development checklist is ideal for an initial analysis that can be built upon with problem-solving strategies.

Organisational Diagnostics & Action Plan

  • Choosing key areas for analysis, the checklist provides a swift diagnosis and allows an action plan to be developed that will address the top-line issues.
  • It is ideally used as a starting point for problem-solving and diagnosis – think of it as a springboard.

Capturing Organisational Development Best Practice

  • The checklist has been created so it can be used as a supplementary document for specific challenges for your management team, based on what other practitioners have done in the past.
  • It can be used as a living document to capture new practices so that the amount of rework and re-learning on each new project or for each new change in the organisation can be reduced.

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