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A Framework for International Organisational Design

Working internationally can bring up a huge amount of challenge!

Business can be tricky when you have stakeholders, employees and customers that have different national cultures; and if you are merging or working in a joint venture that has a different organisational culture.

  • Many organisations want to restructure or develop the organisation as they acquire others;
  • They want to keep their values intact; and
  • They want to keep their teams motivated, and their customers satisfied.

Painting a picture of how to do this, in organisational diagnostics is seldom done, but incredibly beneficial!

This framework builds a blueprint of your organisation giving you information to understand the contextual challenge you are facing when bringing your operating model into a new environment.

Once diagnostics occur, recommendations on the design, structure, processes and behavioural training can be made that fit with the complex environment you may be in.

How I work with you

This framework draws on key practices of business psychology to understand your business, present key findings, and work with you to design effective solutions.

The framework typically takes 2 to 3 months to complete, and we work with you and your organisation several times a week.

Engaging and Collecting Data

I begin by understanding your needs, and then crafting a plan for how to work together.

Populating the framework involves discussion with senior leaders, employees and stakeholders (where appropriate) about the business and context. I use focus groups and surveys, and existing documentation or findings.


Diagnosing and Designing

I map our findings into a framework allowing us to understand what can be changed or developed in the organisation.

I use current research-based evidence to support any findings. This allows leaders to understand the organisation, industry and employees based on practical, academic findings.


Implementation and Disengage

If there is any organisational development or intervention work I support in planning it with employees in the business so that implementation runs smoothly and the company has a good way of evaluating work done If there is a continued need for support I use my associate practitioners.


What I deliver

Strategic Design & Interventions

The framework highlights where gaps or revision of organisational items may be necessary. If there are specific behavioural issues I plan how to intervene and implement change.

Business Insights

Using current research-based evidence I am able to highlight what potential or actual business issues exist. These insights are focused on the psychology of diverse populations to better understand employee needs.


Strong organisational leadership is essential for business – and that means having good leaders at all levels. I coach leaders on personal effectiveness, change management and team development.

A selection of companies we have worked with

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