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Organisational Design Research

Research isn’t just about getting new insights and uncovering statistics. It’s about helping make a difference to organisations and businesses. It’s about understanding how people work, how we can support them, and finding new ways of working.

Combining schools of organisational, cognitive, developmental, psychology mean that we are able to see the business benefits, such as increased productivity, longer staff retention, better attention to detail, reduced risk – and we are able to help individuals at all levels realise their potential.

Methodology & Approach

Our core research methodology is driven by qualitative approaches. Qualitative research means we use discussions, workshops, interviews, and surveys to help gather our data.

Practitioners are on the ground in organizations, finding out what issues they might be facing, or speaking with members of the business to uncover what’s happening through conversation and observation.

All this data is then collected and analyzed to gain a representation of what’s happening within a business or organization, and for us to devise a way forward.


We find a research method that works for your organization and purposes. This might be using a variety of research methods to ensure we are working towards the right outcome. We draw upon individual and organizational psychology practices to get the best results.


We are driven by a qualitative approach, so we look for rich data (interviews, questionnaires, feedback, discussions) and find patterns in this data to draw results. We deliver condensed, insightful data that shows what’s happening.


Equipped with our rich-data findings, we then work with you to devise the best strategy forward. We can deliver our findings in a paper or presentation, and lay out our strategic recommendations for you to assess before moving into implementation.

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What we deliver

Bespoke Insights

With commissioned research, the insights you get are bespoke to your organization and operations. These results are detailed, in-depth, and unparalleled in their level of quality-driven, individual detail.

Practical Applications

We don’t believe in ‘research for research’s sake’. We ensure that our research findings lay out practical applications and solutions to the questions asked so you get a tangible return on investment that you can use.

Monitoring and Review

We understand that putting research findings into place takes time. That’s why we offer the opportunity for long-term monitoring and to revisit and re-evaluate results at a later date to measure and assess the impact.

Performance Improvements

In line with our findings, we can suggest ways of how your performance can improve and what this level of improvement would look like over time. This then affects business efficiency and overall profit.

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    If a piece of bespoke research conducted by an expert with years of practical and academic experience sounds like it's ideal for your business, please contact us today to discuss more - we'd love to hear from you and see how we can help.

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