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Organisational Design

There are several tools we use to construct progressive and inclusive structure, and enable full engagement throughout the business. 

The tools and approach we use enable:

  • a greater understanding of cultural diversity and inclusivity,
  • clear actions that embed organisational values and collaborative working,
  • a method for engagement with your whole community,
  • a way to meet the more problematic issues in your organisation,
  • a steer towards enabling greater health and capability to meet the demands of a more globalised workforce.

We use:

  • organisation design frameworks for diverse workforces, or diverse geographical locations,
  • competency frameworks,
  • values-based cultural development,
  • team ways of working.

Our research is backed by doctoral research 2016 – 2021.

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What benefit does organisational design provide?

Our organisational design provides:

  • a holistic blueprint of the business so you can make informed people development decisions.
  • an environment that embraces cultural diversity and builds organisational culture,
  • a comprehensive analysis of the maturity and engagement with your structure and processes.
The culture and context affecting your business

The culture and context affecting your business

Context is incredibly important to companies. We give you insight into how to work best with your customers and stakeholders however diverse they are.

For organisations with multi-cultural workforces, understanding how they prefer to work is essential. Gain insight into how your employees see, think and feel about their work.

Context affects leadership, role hierarchy, work/life balance, diversity and inclusion practices, and value alignment. Find out how to develop them best.

Your organisational design fit

Your organisational design fit

The design of an organisation, its structure and processes, can hinder or help performance. Find out what design can improve collaborative working.

Working in teams can be a challenge in different contexts and with diverse staff members. There ar several tools available for enhancing ways of working and team performance.

The design of a business impacts on what people feel psychologically about the company. Find out how rewards, performance management, talent development and training can help.

Individual Motivation & Perception

Individual Motivation & Perception

Understanding the motivation behind an individual's work can assist in understanding what enhances it. Understanding deeper root cause issues assists with improving it.

Ensuring people are healthy and safe at work improves business productivity. There are several theories that help translate effective behavioural change.

Motivation affects every area of your business. Learn how to increase safety, risk reduction, retention, building capability, and ensuring wellbeing and health.

How leadership style impacts your business

How leadership style impacts your business

Leader style differs from culture to culture. Leaders within global contexts need flexibility to allow for inclusive engagement.

Gain insight into how leaders can use their communication and relational intelligence to resolve issues and improve business.

Leadership works across values, ethical behaviour, process compliance, innovation and culture. We guide you on developing these sustainably.

What is the timeline for transformation?

We work inside of your business with you to become fully immersed in the culture.

Co-creative approach

This approach is hands-on for leaders in your business allowing them to understand the process. This ensures you build their capability in managing change on an ongoing basis.

Practical learning

Your leaders can benefit from our online development course. The course assist with building strategic skills, change management, confidence, stakeholder and employee engagement.

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Organisational Design Application Examples

Post Merger Application

Application post merger meant the framework assisted the business in making better human resource decisions, enabling a holistic and inclusive talent management strategy, competency and leadership framework, graduate and training solutions.

A recommendation is made to use the framework through a merger to understand what else is possible.

Major Project Development

The framework within a consortium partnership, and operating to ISO standards assisted in developing the culture of a project. The workforce and partnership was made between 3 different national cultural groups, and safety and production suffered until rectification could be made through training, engagement, and organisational development initiatives. Performance dramatically increased.


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