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Emotions at Work

Have you ever found yourself having to hold back on your true feelings at work, or maybe perform an emotion you’re not truly experiencing? Emotions are complicated things, and they don’t ‘go away’ when we’re at work. We think, feel, and act in hundreds of ways, yet there is an idea that emotions at work are not allowed, not professional, and we should only show the ‘right’ emotions.

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In my e-book I explore how we understand and experience emotions, how the workplace is a place where we can and should express ourselves, and why living a ‘whole self’ life is the best way we can be true to ourselves.

Learn about how we can look at ways of understanding emotional experience, how ways of working need to change to allow a more whole self approach at work, and why knowing yourself is the most valuable skill you’ll ever develop.

About the Author

Patricia Inez Meiring

Organisational Psychologist

My passion is to understand how businesses work. I evaluate strategy and chart the implications for the business and behaviour.

I have a deep understanding of people and a passion for driving healthy culture. I work with human-centred design.

My experience leading change is in small and large complex and challenging environments within EMEA and America.

I own the work, and love supporting leaders in their evolution, shifting mindsets and behaviour.

I have a DPROF in Organisational Psychology researching business evolution and psychology in a deep and profound way.

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