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Organisational Design Consultancy

Patricia and her partners have loads of experience in diverse multinationals around the globe in education, construction and energy sectors, and have worked in both public and private organisations.

Patricia believes that people can be empowered to learn more about themselves and their leadership ability; and that business can get strategic about how they facilitate the best for employees in achieving success. The partnership between employees and the business goes hand in hand.

Patricia and her partners love to raise the status quo on how to work. We believe that inspiring, engaging, sustainable and high integrity business is achievable!

About the Author

Patricia Inez Meiring

Organisational Psychologist

My passion is to understand how businesses work. I evaluate strategy and chart the implications for the business and behaviour.

I have a deep understanding of people and a passion for driving healthy culture. I work with human-centred design.

My experience leading change is in small and large complex and challenging environments within EMEA and America.

I own the work, and love supporting leaders in their evolution, shifting mindsets and behaviour.

I have a DPROF in Organisational Psychology researching business evolution and psychology in a deep and profound way.

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