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Personal Alignment Course: The What, How, Why and Who

The Personal Alignment course is dedicated to helping people creating greater self awareness and alignment – providing a route to understanding more of yourself.

What is the Course About?

The course helps to align your values and sense of self. We guide you through a personal exploration to uncover what you value about life, what activities make you feel deeply fulfilled, how to understand and manage your emotional body, and how to quieten those negative thoughts in your mind. The course uses a range of techniques from psychology, business coaching, somatics, emotional connection and self-reflection.

It is important for anyone who has felt like they has disconnected from themselves: perhaps being too busy with work to remain centred, or to take time to understand and deepen their mind, body and soul connection. Often personal development comes about as a result of shameful or traumatic work or personal experiences. These traumatic experiences can work to bring up more of our defences (our disconnection, dissociation, or withdrawal) from ourselves and others. In order to re-align we need to journey through a few key questions, and re-evaluate some fundamental self-limiting beliefs.

How was it developed?

Jeanine Bailey and Marie Quigley from Empower-World and myself joined forces to combine our skills through coaching and psychology to create a course that would benefit people on a personal level. We have all travelled through similar journeys in not feeling fulfilled in some way, and seeking a sense of deeper purpose outside of the stories or beliefs we have. It was through embodiment work, coaching and therapy that we have all made different discoveries of our skills, how to communicate better, how to take personal responsibility for the emotions we feel, and how to live more deeply fulfilling work lives.

We wanted to create a course that combined practices of self-reflection and psychological exploration with more tangible exercises to complete. We have created a series of online lectures, interactive worksheets, and established a social media community for discussion. We also offer one-to-one supportive coaching as an additional option. We’d like to ensure that those undertaking the course feel as supported as possible.

Why was it developed?

There has been an increased focus in recent years on how employers, leaders, and organisations can better support one another. At the workplace there are several ways in which people experience trauma (through bullying, harassment, violence, a lack of motivation or psychological safety, toxic teams or workplaces, and a myriad of relational dynamics around power and control). We often spend so much time working for others, and expecting them to have our best interests at heart. And we can often be disappointed. In these situations we can continue to work harder, or find that we are exhausted and completely out of alignment with ourselves.

Jeanine, Marie and I have all been in situations at the workplace in which we felt out of alignment. We know how this feels, and is a big reason for developing the exercises we have in the course. They have been used in coaching workshops for many years, and are based on the premise that we are all naturally creative, resourceful and whole. Contrary to power systems, the principle suggests that everyone is the best leader in his/her life. The exercises are a way of uncovering this, and therefore very powerful.

We are driven by the dream of helping people achieve their greatest successes by discovering more of who they are – emotionally and psychologically. The work with clients has resulted in many transformations that give us an indication that these practices are powerful. We believe that leadership can be developed in a way that is unique to each person and their strengths, emotions and values.

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who feels stuck, traumatised, shameful, guilty, embarrassed or dissociated and empty. This course is powerful in aligning with your highest self in order to bring in more purposeful work, more meaning, a greater understanding about yourself, useful coaching techniques for your toolkit, and confidence to do what you’ve always been wanting to do.

Here is what others had to say:

“I’m so glad I took the program with Patricia and Empower-World. I was surprised to notice that the leader in me changed from the previous time I did similar exercises, and I thank you for that. Also I feel I want to use these techniques with people around me. I’m looking forward to more and deeper programs you might provide us.”

— Zena Noueyhed Sabra

“Having had a fair bit of therapy and being a (sporadic) fan of mindfulness I’ve never done anything that explicitly addressed “The Saboteur” like that – it was very, very powerful for me in just that very short session today and I came to a significant realisation through it about where a lot of that comes from, and the good intentions that were originally behind it.”

— *Peter J. S.

Where can I sign up?

Right here! 

Find out more about the course structure and watch a preview of one module when you click on the link. You can also join our Facebook group to chat with others who’ve already taken the course and speak to the course leaders too.

If you’re an organisation and would like to understand how to implement this kind of training for staff please get in touch.

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