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Holistic Organisational Design & Development

Where Psychology Meets Business

We help leaders increase the performance, capability and health of their organisation.

Get ready for alternative organisation design solutions and clear implementation plans that embed healthy behaviour into the backbone of your business.

The benefit to you is not only greater results, but morale, structure, clarity and team performance.

What solution are you considering?

Do you want to develop your business leaders?

Leaders benefit from our solution by strengthening their:

  • strategic capability,
  • effective communications,
  • leadership style and culture, and
  • collaborative ways of working.

We work with your leaders using:

  • diagnostics and design alternatives,
  • behavioural frameworks,
  • psychometrics and feedback tools,
  • organisational culture,
  • HR management suit, and
  • training.

Are you looking to increase performance?

Our solution works by evolving your business so thats its inclusive, structured and collaborative. We:

  • create capability and high performance
  • structure your business through strategy,
  • build diversity and inclusion across your workforce,
  • evolve leadership styles, and
  • improve motivation, engagement and ownership of cultural change.

We work inside your organisation on:

  • finding root cause behavioural and procedural issues,
  • workshop and prototype design solutions,
  • create cross-functional working,
  • enable values and behaviours that create clarity and performance.

Do you have some questions?

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About the author

Patricia Inez Meiring

Organisational Psychologist

My passion is to understand how businesses work. I evaluate strategy and chart the implications for the business and behaviour.

I have a deep understanding of people and a passion for driving healthy culture. I work with human-centred design.

My experience leading change is in small and large complex and challenging environments within EMEA and America.

I own the work, and love supporting leaders in their evolution, shifting mindsets and behaviour.

I have a DPROF in Organisational Psychology researching business evolution and psychology in a deep and profound way.

A selection of companies we have worked with

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